Lace-ups, oxfords, dress shoes

Lace-ups, also known as oxfords, are a style of shoe with enclosed lacing. Oxford shoes are traditionally constructed of leather and were historically rather plain, but now a variety of lace-up designs are available. “Oxford" is often used to refer to any "dressy" style of shoe.
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Loafers, slip-ons, casual shoes

Slip-ons, also known as loafers, are lace-less shoes. Generally, know for use as a casual and informal shoe worn for work and leisure, though slip-ons are becoming very popular in formal situations.
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Loafers, slip-ons, casual shoes

Also known as brogues, feature a toe cap that comes to a point in the center, and spreads out toward the sides of the shoes, in a shape that somewhat resembles wings. This part of the shoe is sometimes perforated with small holes around the edges, but not always.
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Cap toe shoes, large size cap toe shoes

Cap-toe shoes have an extra layer of leather that "caps" the toe. This is possibly the most popular decoration. The cap-toe adds "pop" to the shoe.
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Monk strap shoes, large size monk straps

A monk-strap shoe is a style of shoe with no lacing, closed by a buckle and strap. This style of shoe can be dressed up or down.
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Formal shoes, large size formal shoes

A monk-strap shoe is a style of shoe with no lacing, closed by a buckle and strap. This style of shoe can be dressed up or down.
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Mens sandals, large size men's sandals

Sandals are an open type of footwear, which can consist of a thong, mule, or strap. Men choose to wear sandals for several reasons, comfort in warm weather and as a fashion choice.
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Mens lounge shoes, large size casual shoes

Lounge or Leisure footwear, the preference is yours. Whether you're relaxing around the house or on the beach, you can't go wrong with a pair of lounge shoes. Choose from flip flops, house shoes, shower shoes, and more.
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Men's boots, large size mens boots

Boots are a type of footwear that mainly covers the foot and the ankle and extends up the leg. Traditionally constructed of leather or rubber, modern boots are made today to be worn all year round from a variety of materials. Functionality, style and fashion are key factors in boot selection.
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Men's sneakers, large size mens hi tops

Sport shoes otherwise known as sneakers or fashion sneakers are quite the trend. From hi-top to low-top, lace-up to lace-less, sport shoes are in demand.
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Men's athletic, golf, basketball, running, hockey, trainers, large size menssneakers

Athletic shoe is a generic name for the footwear primarily designed for sports (basketball, football, golf, hockey,soccer, etc..) or other forms of physical exercise but in recent years has come to be used for casual everyday activities.
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